Seattle Post Intelligencer: "Brew Pipeline is bringing Surly, Drake’s, Monkless, other esteemed breweries to Washington this summer"

Brew Pipeline is a direct-access platform between craft brewers and new markets. There’s a lot of industry jargon behind the program, but the only thing consumers need to know is that the goal of Brew Pipeline is to connect award-winning beers from esteemed craft breweries to new markets. In short, beers from Surly Brewing Company and others are coming to Seattle this summer.

Recently, Brew Pipeline launched its flagship program, Guest Brewer, bringing exclusive beers to untapped markets for limited time sales. In other words, beers from out-of-state breweries that normally do not distribute to Washington will soon be available to local consumers. Be advised, these beers will only be available for a limited time. Brew Pipeline is doing, basically, the same thing in several beer markets across the country, focusing on the top 100 beer markets in the U.S.

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Thomas Barthell